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We provide you with a quality learning environment in Bowen therapy training. Whether you are looking to begin a new career or want to learn techniques that can help your friends and family to relieve their pain, you have come to the right place.

As a member of the Bowen Association of Ireland and the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, we offer introductory courses in Bowen therapy and complete training in Bowtech, the original Bowen Technique.  Our curriculum is used worldwide.  There is no pre-requisite knowledge of anatomy, physiology or body therapies to learn the Bowen technique. All you need is an interest and a desire to learn!

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Upcoming courses
Module 1 16-17 Oct 2023
Module 2 20-21 Nov 2023
Module 3  11-12 Dec 2023
Module 4 TBA
Module 5 TBA
Module 6 TBA
Module 7  TBA
Review Course  TBA
Module 8 TBA

Choose your level
Whether you wish to become a certified Bowen therapy practitioner, are seeking to expand your professional bodywork practice, or simply wish to support the health of friends and family our Bowen therapy training courses offer something for you.
Anyone can learn
There is no prerequisite knowledge required to begin your Bowen therapy training and you will leave each class armed with knowledge and skill that can be put to use right away.
Cost effective
It is a very cost effective therapy to learn. There are 7 modules to complete to become a professional practitioner, module fees start at €280 and the modules are paid when they are taken, so you pay as you learn making it easier on your budget.