Bowen Training Ireland
We teach Bowtech, the original Bowen Technique. To learn about the history of Bowtech, click here. We provide you with the knowledge, support and information needed to become an effective Bowen therapy practitioner. When your training is completed, you will have the ability to effectively help people suffering from pain and discomfort.

We offer quality classes in Co. Kildare and Co. Dublin. If you are interested in offering a course in your local area, please let us know as we are willing to travel. We offer both introductory 4 hour courses  and the full training course to become a fully qualified practitioner. We believe in an informative, fun and interactive learning environment where the needs of each student are addressed. You will have ample time in class to ask questions and to practice what you are learning.

We support you throughout your learning and are available to answer and address questions and concerns both in and out of the classroom. Upon completion of the full training, you will become a part of the Bowen Therapy Association of Australia (BTAA) connecting you with a worldwide organization of practitioners. You will also become a member of Bowen Association of Ireland (BAI) connecting you with other practitioners in Ireland.