Suzette O'Leary

Suzette O'Leary is originally from California, having been in the field of massage and Bowen therapy since 1996.

Suzette was first introduced to Bowen Therapy in 1999 when a colleague helped to alleviate her own back pain.  She became interested to learn more about this gentle yet effective technique.  A few years later, she started her own training in Bowen Therapy.  She was later invited to become a Bowen instructor by Ossie Rentsch after he observed her work in an advanced training course being offered by him and his wife, Elaine. 

In 2011, she became an accredited Bowen Instructor and immediately began offering courses to students.  Her love of the work, combined with her desire to share it with even more people had come together.  She loves teaching and sharing the work with her students so they may go back to their communities to share Bowen there. She makes her classes fun and informative.